Saturday, 19 December 2015

My top 5 of 2015.

Thanks for coming to my blog. Here are my top 5 favourite photos from 2015. Check out my website for more of my photos. :)

#5 Blue Tit in Tree

This photo is one of those once in a lifetime shots. It was taken quickly & with carelessness but it turned out surprisingly well. The fact the bird is about to take off too makes the shot a little more interesting.

#4 Milky Way from Anglesey

This is a shot I've wanted to get for a long time. It is my no means perfect but to actually see the milkyway from a little town in Anglesey was breathtaking. I'll be going back here in 2016 for sure.

#3 Grebe in Golden Hour

I took this on a camping weekend with my Dad and my other half. I love this shot because it represents the weekend itself - tranquil, quiet & at one with nature. Lazy summer days.

#2 Blackpool Tower & Red Arrows 

I adore this shot because it represents my childhood of watching planes & being in Blackpool with my grandparents. I love the little bit of blue sky where the red arrows are. I love the whole composition & the vast amounts of people in the background.

#1 Aurora from Ashton-under-Lyne

This shot is something special. Never in a million years would I have expected to photograph the aurora literally up the road from where I live. And to actually see it with my naked eye was completely amazing. I have never been happier! I've seen the aurora in Sweden but to actually see it in Manchester was an experience I'll never ever forget. 

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