Thursday, 27 December 2012

Photo Pendants - the beginning

Hello everyone! I really hope you had a lovely Christmas!

So new year is fast approaching & my attention has turned to my photo pendants. I've been meaning to make them but haven't got round to getting the glue. I was a bit confused about which one to get but it's now on order thanks to Emily on twitter. I expect it'll be after new year when it arrives though!
 Here's a small preview of the pendants, this one was made with an inkjet print although I'm going to be getting the images printed professionally.

I'll start making them as soon as I get the prints & the glue. Below are some of the images I'll be making initially.

I'll make a new post once the pendants are made & on Etsy.
Let me know what you think :) Have a great new year!

Monday, 10 December 2012

Orion & Meteor 9/12/2012

Orion & Meteor 9/12/2012, originally uploaded by purpleface.

I am not very good with words so I wanted to use photography to say thank you to Patrick for inspiring so many people to look up at the stars.

He'll never be forgotten!

Rest in Peace, Sir Patrick Moore.

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