Thursday, 27 December 2012

Photo Pendants - the beginning

Hello everyone! I really hope you had a lovely Christmas!

So new year is fast approaching & my attention has turned to my photo pendants. I've been meaning to make them but haven't got round to getting the glue. I was a bit confused about which one to get but it's now on order thanks to Emily on twitter. I expect it'll be after new year when it arrives though!
 Here's a small preview of the pendants, this one was made with an inkjet print although I'm going to be getting the images printed professionally.

I'll start making them as soon as I get the prints & the glue. Below are some of the images I'll be making initially.

I'll make a new post once the pendants are made & on Etsy.
Let me know what you think :) Have a great new year!

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