Sunday, 21 October 2012

Newspaper Print Nail Tutorial

I haven't done a nail tutorial before but seeing as though I paint my nails on a regular basis, I thought I'd show you one of my techniques.

This is a new technique that I've only done once before. And it's pretty tricky!

This is a tutorial for newspaper print nails.

You will need:-
  • Your choice of colours (the lighter the better!)
  • rubbing alcohol (you can use just any regular hand sanitiser!)
  • 10 cuttings of text from your newspaper

Step 1 - Choose your colours (click for bigger photos)

Step 2 - Collect your materials!

Step 3 - Paint your nails (remember your base colour so you don't stain your nails)

Step 4 - Cover your nails in the alcohol rub & press a piece of the newspaper over it 

Step 5 - Press a piece of cotton wool with some more alcohol rub over the paper & wait 30 seconds 

Step 6 - Peel carefully & inspect your work!

 Step 7 - Do the rest of your nails, either with the same font or experiment!

You could also try barcodes! I may do this if I can collect enough.

Have fun & leave a few photos here if you try it!

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