Monday, 2 January 2012

Jupiter, Moon & ISS - 2/1/2012

Jupiter, Moon & ISS - 2/1/2012, originally uploaded by purpleface.

I love photographing the ISS. Watching it float over the earth, knowing that it is travelling at over 17000 miles an hour while looking as though it is travelling the same speed as your average aeroplane is pretty amazing.

I've been photographing the ISS for just under a year now, my first ever shot was in March 2011. It was a lovely experience, standing in my back garden, waiting for it to pass over. I'd get my Dad out to look & my partner, Chris, would also come & look out for it with us. It brought us together, looking up into the sky not really knowing where to look first. And then, it'd appear & it was a fight to get my camera in the right position, to get the tripod to stay still. I fumbled my way through the first 30 seconds of the pass, but eventually I got it, a purple tinged sky with the bright streak of the ISS through it. I was proud.

ISS fly over on 2/3/2011 at 18:49:29

I always get excited when the sky clears & my twitter timeline is rife with ISS pass times. I've made a lot of online friends over the months I've been photographing the ISS & I hope that I'll make many more. :)

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