Monday, 3 October 2016

Photography gift ideas

As Christmas is coming up, I thought I'd compile a list of photography gifts that I've come across on my travels on the internet! Some of these I own myself and some of these I'd actually love to own (hint hint)...

Most of these are from Amazon but you can get them elsewhere! I'm not sponsored by Amazon :)

1. Lens mug
This mug is fantastic for fooling your friends and family into thinking you're pouring hot water onto your most prized possession! I do wish that the lid was better for travelling but for a novelty item it's quite fun.

2. Photo Coasters
I think these are a cheap but effective way to getting coasters onto your coffee table. I like the fact you can rotate what images you stick in there too instead of keeping them the same and then getting bored.

3. Camera USB Stick
Purely for the novelty aspect of it, I don't think trusting this with important data is very smart but it's fun to look at!

4. Memory Card Holder
More for practicallity than anything else. I struggle to keep check of all my memory cards and I think this is a useful idea for those photography mad people in your life.

5. Lens Pendant Necklace
I think this is a fantastic idea and I like the idea of personalising this necklace to suit whatever lens you're using at the time.

So there we have it - just five ideas for some gifts for Christmas or even birthdays!

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