Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Snake's Head Fritillary

Snake's Head Fritillary, originally uploaded by purpleface.

So I guess I should actually blog about something rather than just posting photographs! I'll try to put more effort into it, I promise.

Firstly I wanted to talk about Spring! It's not my favourite season by far, everything's all bright & happy & that's just not me at all ;p I'm just kidding! It is a wonderful feeling though, when the clocks go forward & it's light until 8pm again; flowers are blooming & birds are chirping away.

When a new season arrives I usually have a list of shots I'd like to get before it ends again for another year. Last year I was obsessed with Snowdrops & I took lots of shots but I didn't get any to be proud of. This year I'm slightly obssessed with Fritillaria Meleagris, otherwise known as Snake's Head Fritillary. I have a few shots but I'm hoping for a little more! I also wanted a shot of some pink cherry blossom but it's on its way out now, starting to fall to the ground with the windy weather we're having at the moment.

Do you have any shots you like to set yourself a goal to get each season? Or do you take every day & photo opportunity as it comes? :)

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